What is a Turbine Paint Sprayer?

A turbine paint sprayer is a system that uses a turbine unit to propel the air for painting. The turbine usually contains a motor derived from vacuum cleaners that eliminates the need for an airline running to the compressor. This type of paint sprayers is usually found in High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP) systems that utilize a high volume of air to aerosolize and propel the paint at low pressure.

Parts of the sprayer

The two basic parts of the turbine paint sprayer are the air compressor and the spray gun. Inside the air compressor is the turbine that runs the machine to atomize paint. You will find attached to the compressor an oil or water filter as well as the pressure regulator.

On the other hand, a spray gun is a separate unit that can be attached to the compressor using specialized hoses. It also has its own set of controls for air pressure, fan pattern, and fluid volume. These two parts may be bought separately or may come in one package.

Advantages of use

Due to their design, the use of turbine paint sprayers leads to more even paint coverage. They are particularly helpful when painting specialized items such as automotive parts and other metallic objects likes bikes and appliances. Most of these turbine paint sprayers are also made to reduce consumption of painting materials. If you are using expensive paints and finishes for your car, choosing a turbine-run paint sprayer is, therefore, more economical as compared to traditional air compression units. Furthermore, modern designs are manufactured to be power-savers and even environment-friendly with reduced carbon footprint and air pollution.

Where to find them

Going to a hardware store can help you locate a turbine paint sprayer that is appropriate for your needs. They come in different brands, designs, and sizes. Today, these sprayers are also sold online on websites like Amazon or through the websites of major brands. Since these items can be costly, renting a unit can also be an option.

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