What is a Good Paint Sprayer for Furniture?

Paint sprayers can transform old furniture into neat, majestic pieces. Contrary to using a brush that may create unsightly “brush strokes,” the use of paint sprayers can give a smooth and even glass-like finish to just about any furniture. Moreover, you can save costs on paint with the technique since coverage becomes lighter and evener. Here are some suggestions to follow if you’re looking for good paint sprayers for furniture:

Different kinds of paint sprayers

There are many types of paint sprayers, and the most common distinction that is used nowadays is whether they’re airless systems or not. It would all boil down to preference, so do your research beforehand. You may consult the salesman at the hardware store about the different pros and cons. Airless systems do not employ air compression and instead utilize high pressure to atomize paint. Regardless, your ultimate hurdle would be to achieve skill in controlling the spray gun during actual use.

Rent or buy a paint sprayer

If you mean to retouch many pieces of furniture, consider buying one unit as this gives you more freedom to work at your own pace. However, renting a paint sprayer can also be a good option if you’re eyeing at a short-term project that may only take a few days to finish. Just remember a fundamental rule: paint sprayers can lay down everything from latex to varnish – make sure to use the right type of paint and the right spraying techniques to get the best results.

The type of paint matters a lot

After securing your sprayer, never forget to pay attention to the type of paint you will be using. Since there are different variations of finishes, from flat to satin, choose one that you think is suitable for the object. If you are painting high-use furniture made of wood, it would be better to choose the glossy types since they become easier to clean with a smooth surface. On the other hand, you can use flat finishes for large pieces of furniture like cabinets, bookshelves, etc.

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