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The Wagner Power Painter Plus is a specially designed spray gun that has been regarded one of the best products in paint applicators by the Wagner Corp. The spray gun was initially designed for handheld purposes only, keeping in mind the DIY type of homeowners. The spray gun reportedly has increased the project completion rate by more than 300%.

The Wagner Corp. has been a leader in the paint applicators industry for quite long, and this new edge tech product coming from them is no surprise. Equipped with EZ Tilt and Optimus Dual Tip Technology, it is one of the most efficient spray guns available in the market up for grabs. The Wagner 0525027 EZ Tilt uses a high-speed piston action pump along with a tungsten carbide Optimus Dual Tip which provides an almost professional fan-shaped pattern that is preferred by most to achieve the best and most even finishes.

Be it any surface, Wagner EZ Tilt is great for it, including sheds, shutters, lattice, fences, etc. The whole kit needs about 5 minutes to set up and less than 10 minutes to clean up after the job is done.

So indeed, the benefits can never be ignored for the Wagner sprayer as it has some amazing features. Some of these key features with their uses are as follows:

  • It is laced with Optimus Dual Tip technology for even coverage, resulting in less overspray and more control over the gun and spray pattern.
  • It has an EZ Tilt flexible suction tube that disallows the jamming of the gun due to a thickness of paint material.
  • Exquisite material selector for paint or stain
  • The spray gun as an amazing efficiency as it can apply 6.6 gallons per hour.
  • The kit is laced with a sure prime suction valve which eliminates the need for re-priming after refilling
  • Trademark twist ‘n lock material cup from Wagner for easy attachment and removal of the parts of the spray gun
  • Paint can lid easy to pour in.

Exclusive EZ Tilt Suction Tube- the trademark of the spray gun

The EZ Tilt flex tube introduced by Wagner in this sprayer draws no matter which direction the paint sprayer is pointed. Undoubtedly, nothing beats the amazing speed and ease of operation the Wagner product has to offer. The finish you get with this Wagner spray gun is surely unprecedented.

The direction does not matter as this spray gun delivers the best in any scenario and almost all the situations. Thus even if you point it to a ceiling or a floor, unlike most of the spray guns that start to spit or stop spraying at all, this beast here will effortlessly keep spraying no matter where the nozzle is pointed to.

Exquisite New Age Optimus Dual Tip

The newly added Optimus Dual Tip is much greater and superior to single orifice tips that are conventionally used. The presence of two tips creates a low pressure between the jet sprays which results in more paint particles being drawn into the pattern. This finally results in an even finished pattern in less time. The tip has a rotation function, and thus it can be used to spray in any direction as per the user requirements.

Customer review

This is the first paint sprayer that I have ever bought. I bought the sprayer to paint the farmer’s porch. The more splay is perfect. It gives out a consistent splay that has little sputtering, which is splendid. Before I bought the sprayer, I was using a sealer.

The sealer splayed well without any thinning; however, the low paint indicator dint work. Due to this, paint would run out of the cup without my knowledge. This resulted in the paint sputtering which always spoilt my painting.

For the time that I have used the sprayer, it has worked greatly. Although the sprayer has worked well all along, I have noticed that after splaying, I need to clean it up. At first, I found it difficult to take apart the sprayer; however, after I mastered how to dismantle it, cleaning has become very straightforward.

Despite the sprayer requiring consistent cleaning, I have no regrets why I bought it; I’m very satisfied. The sprayer works perfectly, yields better results and saves a great amount of time as compared to the rollers and brushes that I used before. The sprayer is excellent, and I would recommend it to anyone.

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Oran Woody - November 29, 2019

I used it one time (as a total amateur homeowner) and it worked as perfectly as I could ever have hoped for it to work. After finishing, I then cleaned it as well as is possible with everything being taken apart. Even the disassembly and reassembly was simple and all went well.
Now, when I try to make it spray, I get nothing to come out. My guess is operator error of some sort, but what it could be escapes me. I just now spent a half hour looking closely at everything and I see nothing that could be inhibiting the sprayer working as it should.
Any suggestion for the novice?
Thank you,


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