Wagner Power Painter Plus

Wagner- the name itself speaks for itself. Wagner 0525027 Power Painter Plus is an amazing power paint hand-held sprayer that does not fail the long entrusted faith and built name of the company as it delivers performance with efficiency.


The Wagner Power Painter is undoubtedly one of the most powerful handheld sprayers not only by Wagner itself but perhaps in the whole paint applicator industry. Some of the amazing features offered by the Power painter plus are as follows:

  • A new EZ tilt and the flexible suction tube has been introduced which it comes in handy for continuous flow when spraying in any direction, be it up, down, or sideways
  • Trademark Optimus dual tip, a specialty of Wagner is provided for better control that results in superior coverage of the surface.
  • A sure prime valve is also engineered because it retains material in the body of the sprayer to avoid repriming during refill.
  • A Twist Lock 1-quart cup is also provided for convenience and better mobility
  • Apart from these, there are paint and stain selectors to achieve the optimum results.


The gun is not too heavy and thus can come in handy during long hours of the tedious project. Not only this, the brand value ensures that you are getting the best quality product which is unlikely to go through any performance issues. The power painter plus is indeed a powerful sprayer that is very efficient and achieves hard task completions in a matter of hours which otherwise would have taken shifts.


There is no on and off switch so after every quart that gets finished; you need to unplug the sprayer. The manual is not well instructed, and also, the spray gun does not pick up paint after it has been down to the 1/3rd of the original capacity.

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