Wagner Procoat Airless Paint Sprayer

I have a large deck that I needed to repaint so I bought this sprayer to use for the job. Assembly of the sprayer was easy. I chose a solid stain color and started spraying the deck. Not long into the job, however, the sprayer lost its prime and I had to stop and wait a half hour for it to regain its prime.

The pressure drop caused by lost prime gave me an uneven spray pattern. The sprayer lost its prime frequently throughout the job and despite the troubleshooting steps suggested by the manual and online, nothing seemed to work. There was a suggestion to dilute the stain but the manufacturer of that explicitly said not to do that so I did not dilute my stain.

Losing the sprayer’s prime caused me a lot of grief because my spray pattern was inconsistent. I had to keep removing paint and starting over to blend the pattern together. The waiting time between prime losses is frustrating too.

I gave up after about a quarter of the way through my paint job and decided to look at something else. Many people suggested a Grayco unified rather than this Wagner model. I chose the Wagner for its lower price but in the end, I found a Grayco Magnum Painter for around the same price, I had paid for the Wagner.

This new painter works very well! I was able to get a full refund for the Wagner from Amazon, too. For larger jobs with solid stains, you should choose the Grayco unit, since it is also manufactured in the USA. The Wagner would be good for thinner paint jobs only.

It is not a sprayer meant for thick, solid colored stains. The price of the Grayco unit was definitely worth the money as it saved me time and frustration for my large deck paint job.

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