Wagner Flexio 890

If you are an expert painter, then chances are – you have already heard of Wagner. Wagner owes its fame to the versatility it provides. The company never fails at introducing new and innovative paint sprayers.

And, Wagner Flexio 890 needs no formal introduction. It is one of the favorite paint sprayers of professionals and DIYers alike. Known for its ease of use and professional spraying, the tool is a must-have.

In this article, we will shed more light on Wagner Flexio 890 and would help you in analyzing if investing in this paint sprayer is worth it.

To begin with, let’s make things a bit clearer. We have provided a well-deserved 4.5 rating to this tool.

Let’s know more about the sprayer both regarding company’s claims and the users’ reviews.

  • The sprayer is lightweight and hence easily portable
  • Doesn’t make too much noise while working
  • Ideal and best for small and big projects alike
  • Easy to use even by novices
  • The airflow is 60% more which, as a result, provides Flexio a smooth finish
  • Easy to clean as the sprayer comes equipped with lock-n-go split design
  • Allows you to adjust spray patterns
  • Works fine with a range of paints including stains, urethane, latex, and oil-based paint
  • Since turbine rests on the ground, it rules out any fatigue
  • The handle is hard to grasp, and not very comfortable
  • Lacks viscosity and consistent flow as it is an HVLP sprayer
  • Overspray is a common issue with this model

Key Features

  • Comes equipped with two nozzles
  • iSpray nozzle

Wagner Flexio 890 comes equipped with a highly durable iSpray Nozzle. This nozzle allows the user to adjust the spraying patterns as per the need. You can change the tip to either horizontal or vertical, wide or narrow patterns, according to their needs.

Detail finish nozzle

The detail finish nozzle of this sprayer provides professional finishing. It allows you to paint hard to reach areas and is the ultimate solution for minor touch-ups.

X-Boost turbine adds to the versatility

X-boost turbine provides unmatchable power and complete control to uses. Further, the turbine also helps in minimizing the chances of overspray, in addition to providing, best control and coverage.

The turbine is kept inside a unit which rests at the ground. Thus, you no more need to strain your shoulders. The power box is also provided with storage space to keep the hose and other accessories.

Easy to clean

Ease of cleaning is one of the important features of this sprayer. The gun is equipped with a lock-n-go split design which helps you in changing the nozzle and cleaning easily.

Further, the manual provided by the Wagner also comes quite handy when it comes to cleaning. The manual talks about the different paint materials that should be used.

Warranty adds to its reliability

The sprayer comes with a one year warranty which further speaks tons about the reliability of the tool.

Other Areas You Should Focus On Before Buying

Is the clean-up easy?

Although Wagner claims that its lock-n-go technology helps in easy cleaning, the clean-up process can take a bit of time.

Most customers agreed that Wagner has too many components which require cleaning and is a time-consuming process. For best results, it is recommended to have a look at manual and follow the instructions accordingly.

How useful is the extended hose of Wagner Flexio 890?

According to most customers, the extended hose of the sprayer adds to its versatility. What is even better is that there is a hose that comes with this item. The length of the hose goes around 11 feet, reaching hard-to-reach areas without actually moving the unit.

This feature has received too many positive feedback from the users.

Does it consume a lot of space?

No, this is a lightweight and compact sprayer. Instead of taking space, it makes more space for the user with a unique X-boost feature which is exclusively designed to give storage space.

Customers had no complaint about pieces and spare items getting lost. This is perhaps the box can store your hose, nozzles and any other items which you might require.

Is this sprayer recommended for both small jobs and big coverage jobs?

Yes, the sprayer has worked well for both professional painters and hobbyists. This is a multipurpose sprayer which will do both the work with a tinge of professionalism. Spray pattern adjustment is what makes it possible. This innovative nozzle has been designed to be changed according to the need. Basically what makes this sprayer so famous is the fact that it is so versatile.

Is the assembling of this sprayer hard?

Although the company states that the sprayer is easy to assemble, customers didn’t seem to agree with this fact. A bit of learning curve is involved, and you would have to refer the manual guide for instructions.

Is the item durable?

People who bought the item are of the view that it is well-built and intact. It can be used for long hours without breaking down.

Can novices use it on the go?

No. Most customers revealed that there is a steep learning curve involved. But after proper practice, one can surely get affluent with it.

Final Words

It is pretty much obvious, keeping in mind the amazing reviews and ratings that it has received, that the item is worth investing.

Its special nozzles and iSpray technology add to its worth. The fact that the user won’t have to bear the weight make this sprayer one of the comfortable and portable tools.

All in all, if you are looking for a sprayer that is cost effective and delivers professional finish, this tool is for you. What’s more? The tool is capable of handling small and big tasks alike!

Did you try this tool? If yes, are you satisfied? Would you recommend it to others? Do let us know in the comment section.

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