Wagner Flexio 590

Wagner Flexio 590 is an amazing sprayer gun that comes in this kit. The handheld the gun is ideal for the various type of paint jobs and can be easily used on the variety of surfaces for both indoor and outdoor jobs.


As it is associated with the name Wagner, it is quite fair to say that the sprayer is laced with some fantastic features that will make the Wagner Flexio 590 one of the best decisions in paint application. Some of the key features worth noting are as follows:

    • It can spray thickened interior as well as exterior latex paints, sealers, urethanes, stains and other oil-based materials with ease.
    • It has been equipped with an X-Boost power dial which provides adjustability for precise control, ensuring quality.
    • The sprayer includes two well-designed nozzles and paints cups for project flexibility- giving the user a great choice.
    • The sprayer can spray up to 8.0 gallons per hour.
    • Trademark feature of Wagner Lock-n-Go split gun design is provided for quick nozzle change which allows you to easily switch coatings as well as colors.
    • There is provided a pattern adjustment ring for spray patterns.

The gun has been purposely designed in a manner to allow easy assembling and clean-up of the parts after the job is complete.


There are several benefits of using the Wagner Flexio 590, and some of the notable uses are as follows:

  • Easy cleanup
  • Better handling as compared to other in the product line priced in the same range.
  • Saves both time and money and thus can be regarded as a great buy!
  • Also, it can work well with all range of paint products without getting stuck.


One of the biggest disappointments in this spray gun is that it sometimes makes a lot of mess and thus the cleaning up of the surroundings becomes a necessary part. Also, taping has to be done to keep off extra paint. In some incidents, occasional heating of gun has also been reported.

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