Wagner Flexio 570 Review

To own a multipurpose paint sprayer is the goal of most people looking for a paint sprayer.

Wagner Flexio 570 has guaranteed that effortlessly. This sprayer is ideal for both indoor and outdoor painting purposes and ensures a comfortable spraying experience with its handheld handle. Being 20% lighter and 50% quieter, the Wagner 570 is one of the top-notch sprayers that we have with us today.

With that in mind, our experts have rated this sprayer 4/5. Let’s know more about the product and its performance.

  • Performs quickly and sprays consistently
  • Capable of spraying thick paint
  • Assembling and start-up process is easy
  • Lightweight and can even be kept on the floor while using
  • Capable of spraying 7.2 gallons of paint per hour
  • The iSpray nozzle allows you to adjust the spraying patterns
  • X-boost turbine generates three times more power when compared to other sprayers
  • Easy to clean, all thanks to its lock-n-go technology
  • In spite of being great, a lot of users have complained about overspray
  • Tends to leak

Key Features

Besides the pros mentioned above and cons, here are a few key features that the product flaunts:

iSpray Technology allows you to adjust the spraying pattern

Wagner Flexio 570 is infused with iSpray technology which provides 60% more airflow, and thus guarantees better coverage, low overspray, and additionally provides you with better control.

The paint sprayer allows you to adjust the spray pattern between wide and narrow, horizontal and vertical depending on your requirements.

Lock-n-go facilitates easier cleaning

It is a unique feature which reduces the mess. Lock-n-go allows the user to change color without any fuss. It also simplifies the cleaning process.

Quick service and efficiency

The sprayer is capable of reaching heights varying from 8 to 10 feet in a short period of 6 minutes. It can also paint around 7.2 gallons in one hour.

Powerful and robust

When compared to other conventional sprayers, this is three times more powerful. It also provides you with better control over the material and air flow.

User comfort

This advanced model has been designed to provide complete comfort to the user. When compared to other sprayers, this is 50% quieter and 20% lighter.

Provides a perfect finish every time

The Flexio sprayer is capable of producing a perfect roller like the finish on the walls. It can even help you reach corners, edges and hard to reach places effortlessly.

Capable of spraying a range of materials

The sprayer works fine with a range of materials including unthinned exterior and interior latex paints, sealers, stains, and urethanes.

These were some of the key features of the sprayer as claimed by the company. But, do these features add up to the value of the sprayer?

We will explore more on this in the next section and have a look at what customers have to say about the product.

Other Areas to Keep In Mind before Buying

Is this durable?

Yes, reviews have often described the item as sturdy and well-built. It is meant for long-lasting use. A glance at it will tell you about the quality and durability of the item.

Does it paint flawlessly?

Most of the customers have agreed to the company’s claims of painting flawlessly. The sprayer provides a complete roller like professional finish.

Is it easy to clean?

This is one of the primary concern of the painters. Although the company claims that the sprayer is easy to clean, most customers disagreed with the fact and pointed out that cleaning the machine is a bit time-consuming.

Does it clog?

Wagner claims that the unit doesn’t clog and works fine with a range of materials. But as it seems, most customers didn’t agree with the fact. Clogging was a common issue. Some people pointed out that it was probably because the unit was not assembled properly. While others revealed that you have to be careful while painting to prevent clogging.

Is it ideal for painting both small and big areas?

Well, no! Most users complained that the sprayer started spluttering after a while. Thus, you need to readjust and refill. This is a great product for finishing and minor touchups and even for small projects like painting a door. However, if you switch to bigger projects like painting the exterior of a house, the sprayer might give problems.

Is it easy to work with?

Overall, yes. But, customers recommended going through the instruction manual properly before starting ton paint.

Additionally, various users complained that it could have been better if it was equipped with a bigger cup. This is because refilling cup/tank now and then is a big hassle, and interrupts painting.

Is it fast enough?

Yes. By the company’s claims, the sprayer is fast enough and helps you paint projects much faster than brushes, rollers and other old-school methods, as confirmed by most Amazon users.

Does it work fine with a range of paints?

As claimed by the company, customers also confirmed that the sprayer delivers outstanding performance with an array of paints including polyurethane, latex, and others. Moreover, it can spray thick paints as well without clogging at high pressure.

Final Words

With this in mind, it is clear that Wagner Flexio 570 is the right choice. Equipped with the best technologies, the sprayer delivers an outstanding spraying performance.

Further, the sprayer is well-built and flaunts a robust exterior. It is durable and is sure to last a lifetime. Additionally, its easy to clean technology and iSpray nozzle makes it easier to work with.

All in all, it can be concluded that the sprayer is a perfect value for money. However, it might not be as suitable for big projects as it is for small projects. Apart from that, the sprayer is a must-have.

So, what are your views on this? Have you ever used Wagner Flexio 570? How was your experience? Would you recommend it to others? Do let us know in the comments below.

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Dave - August 3, 2018

I have just purchased a Wagner 570. I sprayed the ceilings of the hall, stairs and landing – a difficult task at the best of times. It took a bit of getting used to and I had a few runs, I believe because I possibly watered down too much. The finish was pretty good but the major issue was the amount of dust that filtered into every single room in the house, it was a nightmare. Not sure I’m going to use it again because whatever time was saved in painting was trebled by the amount of time required to clean the house.
I’d be interested to know if anyone a) encountered the same issue or b) knows how to resolve/prevent it.


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