Wagner Double Duty Paint Sprayer Review

Before purchasing the Wagner Double Duty Sprayer, I performed a lot of online research, reading customer reviews and taking notes of tips that people had provided. I found the advice very useful when I went to use the sprayer for the first time. There are some important preparation steps to do for the sprayer to work well.

As people noted, the pain needs to be very thin (not as thin as water, though) in order to work in the sprayer. It seems like 4 parts of paint to every 1 part of water works best.

This sprayer comes with a test device for the viscosity of your paint, making it helpful in determining how much water to add. The funnel is dipped into the paint and then you time how long the paint takes to be removed. Wagner threw in a useful chart to help you determine viscosity based on this timing.

We found it very helpful to strain the paint every time we filled up the paint cup, as debris, such as dust, hair, pollen, and other tiny particles, can end up in the paint and clog up the spray gun. This is bad, because it blocks the steady flow of paint.

It took us a few tries to figure out the proper distances and speeds to obtain the paint coverage we wanted, but we did not experience any clogged guns or sputtering of the paint. The fine, even spray was exactly what we needed.

You need to clean the spray gun every time you are done the spraying. It is easy to do, but important as the heat from the gun acts like an oven and bakes on the paint during operation. The minimal parts make it easy to clean, though. Lukewarm water and soap worked great on the latex paint clean up.

You will need to experiment with painting to get your desired effect. Using latex, we had to perform a bunch of thin coats with about 60% overlap to get our finish. The sprayer helped us paint our kitchen cabinets, which is a time-consuming and laborious job, and the finished product is beautiful, shiny surfaces.

The experimentation is important to figure out your coverage, to take the time and put the effort into testing before starting your paint job. We are going to keep this sprayer and use it to paint our entire deck in the summer, along with some louver doors that are next on our list of home projects.

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