Wagner 0529014 iSpray Front End Kit Review

Wagner 0529014Think of the paint sprayers, think of Wagner! Undoubtedly, Wagner has become a name synonymous to professional level paint sprayers and is known for putting the best on the table.

So, how well does Wagner 0529014 paint sprayer front end kit performs? Is it in line with the company’s reputation so far, and more importantly, is it worth the money spent?

We will have a look on all aspects related to Wagner 0529014 in this article. We will also have in-depth insight into the various features that make this product different from others.

Additionally, we will also see what customers have to say about this sprayer kit. So, without beating around the bush anymore, let’s get started!

Quick teaser: We rated this product 4.5 on 5 based on the performance and ease of spraying that it delivers! So, what makes this product one of the best? Check out!

  • Uses the best technology and delivers a great performance
  • Capable of spraying unthinned coatings, and so, you don’t need to thin your paint every time
  • Provides adjustable flow control which helps you in spraying precisely
  • Features a great build and quality
  • Easy to use and is a great pick for both novices and professionals alike
  • Not as durable as it should be

Now that we have basic know-how of the product let’s delve deeper and understand the product in detail.

Key Features

Equipped with iSpray front end kit

This flagship product from the house of Wagner features an iSpray front end kit consisting of an iSpray nozzle and an attached paint container. This feature enables you to use unthinned paint, including latex.

iSpray nozzle helps in easy cleaning

As discussed above, this is an iSpray front end kit. The iSpray nozzle also comes as a part of this kit which helps in easy cleaning. All you need to do is direct a steady stream of water through the nozzle, and it is done. Additionally, you can easily detach the iSpray front end kit from the rest of the sprayer easily for easy cleaning.

Allows you to switch between various patterns

As an avid painter, you would already know the importance of being able to switch to different patterns when painting. This is what is facilitated quite wonderfully with this paint sprayer. It allows you to switch between four painting patterns on the go, namely between horizontal, narrow, wide and vertical.

Compatible with most Wagner sprayers

One of the best features of this spray front end kit is the fact that it is compatible with most Wagner HVLP sprayers including Flexio, paint READY system, control spray plus/max and an array of others.

Provides fast coverage

The sprayer sprays fast and helps you paint the interior and exterior surfaces quickly.

These were some of the key features of Wagner 0529014. Now, let’s see the other side of the coin – how well does this sprayer front end kit perform well in real life as per the customers. Let’s check out.

Additional Things to Keep in Mind before Making a Purchase

Here is what the users believe the product performs on various parameters:

Is it capable of spraying unthinned latex paint?

Well, yes, the company claims that the front end kit is capable of spraying thick latex paint. And this is true as per the users as well. The sprayer sprays unthinned latex paint perfectly well. However, to enhance the performance of your sprayer, it is always a best practice to thin your paint a little, suggested a user.

Does the sprayer overspray?

According to the users, the sprayer oversprays a little, or even more depending on the climate. If you are painting outside in a windy climate, expect a bit of overspray.

Does the unit vibrate?

Almost all the small front end kits vibrate a bit that you feel a tingling sensation on your fingers. However, this is not the case with this front end kit. There is almost no vibration, and overall, the sprayer is quite comfortable to work with, confirmed a user.

Is cleaning easy?

As claimed by the company, the sprayer is easy to clean. However, this is in contrary to the users’ reviews. Most users recommended cleaning the sprayer as soon as possible without drying the paint in the gun or else it would become tough to clean.

Additionally, to clean, you need to detach the iSpray front end kit which proved bothersome for a lot of users.

How is the finish provided by the sprayer?

The sprayer provides professional and consistent finishes, according to the users. The sprayer is especially great for small jobs which require precision painting and delivers a smooth finish when used with water-based lacquers, varnishes, urethanes, and polyurethanes.

Is it quick enough?

Wagner claims that the product is capable of spraying fast, and can help you in painting both interior and exterior surfaces on the go. This claim is true as confirmed by a user. The user also reported that they painted 2 walls, about 40 feet, in around 20 minutes. This time also includes the time consumed in refilling the container with the paint.

All in all, the sprayer is capable of spraying fast.

Is it compatible with most Wagner sprayers?

Yes, a lot of users have used this front end kit as a replacement for their original spray gun, and it works great!

Your Turn

All in all, it can be concluded that this iSpray front end kit is worth the price and worth every penny spent. Most of the users seem to be satisfied with the performance. The sprayer is known for painting quickly, works well with unthinned paint, is easy to clean and produces little to no vibrations. What’s more? It is compatible with a range of Wagner sprayers and delivers a great professional finish.

What more can one ask for? Have you ever used this product? How was your experience? Was it worth the money spent? Do let us know in the comments below!

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