Wagner 0518080 Control Spray Max

The Wagner Max Control spray is undoubtedly a product of cutting-edge technology and brilliant designing from the leader in paint applicants – Wagner.


The Wagner 0518080 Control spray has been innovatively designed with the best available tech- two-stage turbine which is so powerful that it can make the gun spray any material, right from the thick latex to thinnest stains and lacquers. The spray gun has been equipped with Variable air pressure control allowing it to operate on various pressure of stream. To make the work easier and less clumsy, a 20-foot high Flex hose extends the working range. The gun has a choice of 3 spray patterns to be chosen by the user, and the variable control flow gets everything in control. The spraying gun device has dimensions of 12″ x 19″ x 12″.


As stated earlier, this Wagner paint sprayer can spray any material with ease. It has been appreciated that the air pressure control results in less overspray while thin materials are being sprayed. The variable flow control allows spray to be done on a large surface, maintaining neat finish even with detailed work to ensure quality. Thus, undoubtedly the gun goes for the quality of work and the final touch, apart from giving the freedom to choose the pattern as well as the pressure of operation. The Wagner 0518080 is class apart spray gun as it is effortless for anyone to understand the working.


One of the biggest concerns of people worldwide is that this gun is overpriced just because of the brand value. For thicker materials, the high-pressure operation leads to uncontrollable dust flow and overspray. Not only this, but some consumers have also reported of breaking of screws that have damaged the device. Also, there is still some inconsistency in the pattern that needs to be tackled.

Customer reviews

This is not the first Wagner product that I have bought. I bought another Wagner sprayer a while ago. I intended to use the sprayer to refinish my kitchen cabinets. After doing several cabinet doors, I did not get the results that I wanted. Since I was dissatisfied, I made a call the technical support of Wagner so that I could air my dissatisfaction.

When my phone reached the support center, the representatives were very welcoming. I explained to the woman what I was doing. After listening for a while, the woman sympathized with me and recommended Max HLVP unit. I ordered the sprayer, and within no time, I was supplied with it.

I used the sprayer yesterday and sprayed two base coats. This morning, I applied a top coat of polyurethane. When I look at the paint, I cannot be happier! The paint is splendid.

The sprayer is light and has a lot of power. The sprayer is also easy to clean. If spraying larger areas, the sprayer comes with two cups to hold more paint. This ensures that you do not have to keep on refilling the cups. I am planning to use the sprayer to finish painting the kitchen cabinets, and I am certain the results will be excellent.

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