Types of Spray Paint

One way to classify spray paints is through the type of application they are best suited for. People usually refer to the type of surface they’re painting for factors such as adherence, finish quality, and whether the paint is to be used indoors or outdoors. Here are some of the most common types of spray paint based on the mentioned criterion:

General Purpose

General purpose paints are marketed that way and are sold in most hardware or home improvement stores. They may be used to spray paint various types of materials such as hardwood and metal. Due to their quick drying ability, they are used in rushed paint jobs. Although their use requires little preparation, there are times when you may have to clean or prime the surface you’re painting for the paint to stick.

Decorative Paint

Decorative paints are distinguished for their aesthetic value, particularly in accenting the color of a variety of objects. Another aspect that makes them more suitable than the rest is the variety of faux finishes, such as stone and granite, that you can find under the decorative paint branding.

Plastic Paint

Since it may be difficult for paint to adhere to plastic surfaces, specialized paints have been manufactured solely for use on the said material. This type of paint may be used on plastic objects, PVC, and other smooth surfaces that may repel water-based or oil-based paint.

Rust-preventative Paint

This type of spray paint is made for metallic materials, especially those found outside the house. Rust-preventative paint provides a glossy coating that resists fading and cracking aside from preventing oxidation or the rusting of metal. Specific items that may require the use of this type of paint include bikes, swing sets, mailboxes and more.

Specialty Paints

Specialty paints belong to a wide classification that encompasses an array of paints. However, there are some specialty paints that are more famous than the others due to their unique uses. For example, chalkboard paint converts any surface to a chalkboard while frosted paint is applied on the glass to reduce glare.

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