Tooluxe HVLP 05mm Mini Gravity Feed Air Spray Gun

The complete value of this small spray gun is its cost to use ratio. With shipping, I spent under $20. The equipment’s quality is over the $20 mark, and the quality of the spray is decent for its size.

Moreover, this HVLP sprayer is fully adjustable just like the usual HVLP guns, and it is efficient in the 30 to 40 psi range. It is also a sufficient spray for spraying tight areas or for touch-ups.

I bought it to spray acrylic and for final changes in the innermost parts of cabinets. This product did a satisfactory job for an average operator with an experience.

The overall size of the spray gun, which is about six or more inches excluding the can and another 3 inches with the can, makes it compact.

I attached a brass connector (1/4″ 90°) and a swivel air sock connector in order to align the hose to the base of my hand. This also added to the compactness of the spray gun. The said items can be bought from the blue box or the orange box stores.

A great feature of the product is that it is connected with the gun at a 90° angle on the gun’s side. This angle can also be adjusted, as opposed to other top fixed mounted cans.

On one hand, the pros of the spray gun include its size, the quality of the build, the adjustments to the volume or flow and air or trigger, and 1/2 cup of capacity.

On the other hand, there are also a few cons. The cup has a pop off lid instead of a screw on the lid, although it is pressed quite tightly. Another one is that the weep hole in the cup can leak due to fast turns.

In conclusion, I would recommend this spray gun because of its features, the comfort in using it, and its effortless cleaning. If you are looking into the cost of other guns that are almost 40% more, investing in this one is a sure thing.

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Sean - May 23, 2018

Hey Mark,
First time spray painter here, I’ve just purchased this gun on Amazon and I’m wondering what compatible air compressors you would recommend?


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