Tool Forces A-C2 HVLP review

I was looking for a temporary gun to use to fill in the time between ordering and receiving a different DevilBliss gun. I had some smaller jobs to take care of during that period that could not wait. The Tool Force gun came in cheap packaging but was quick to assemble.

I used paint thinner in the cup to test it out and found the fan to provide a surprisingly even amount of paint with only minimal hand movements of the spray gun. I was not expecting this quality from such a cheap spray gun.

When I read HVLP spray gun reviews and compare this gun to more expensive options, the fan is very easy to control. The small nozzle, only 1 millimeter, allows for as much or as little paint as you need to release.

I was not expecting such a sheer, even coat of paint from this gun either. I even continued to use this gun after the DevilBliss arrived because I think it did such an amazing job.

I am extremely impressed with this gun as it is simple to use and does not give me any issues with the settings I adjust. It is worth more than the money I paid for it. It may not be the best spray gun around, but it does a great job for anyone who needs a reasonably priced spray gun for home use.

I bought this spray gun to try at my small auto body shop. I was not certain how well the gun would work but when I tried it, I was very impressed. The paint was evenly distributed across my vehicle, and I did not even use as much as I would with other spray guns.

The pattern adjustment enables you to refine your spray release for painting in fine details or for painting a large surface in a short time period.

The cup that comes with the spray gun is quite small, probably meant for finely detailed work, but you can purchase a larger cup size that is compatible with the gun. A great purchase and worth the money!

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