Tool Force A-C3 High Pressure Spray Gun review

I was amazed when I opened the package to find a paint gun. I have no idea how the Chinese are able to produce a great type of tools for that amount, especially when profit has to be considered.

However, the downside is that the training guide was almost pointless. Springs and gaskets in the box I found, but I did not find any guidelines about the use. There was also no direction for the purpose of air as well as paint knobs.

Actually, it is advisable to keep the box in order to check the tags for the different parts of it. There was also no breakdown of the parts for assembling, disassembling, or sorting replacements. Thus, the product loses a rating star.

On the other hand, I opt for an oil-based paint for my 12 4’x8′ wooden lattices. I still do not know whether it would work with latex. However, I think for lubrication, you would not in need of an additive just like when using latex on airless guns.

I did not have any idea of the consistency that is suitable for the gun. I did not have any idea about the measurement I could do. I just filled it with paint straight from the can. I fastened my compressor and began to spray. It was very effective. With the help of air and paint knobs, I tinkered, but I could not see any difference, and I did not want to deviate from my work. There was 7/8 gallon of paint I used in order to complete all the 12 items in 2 to 3 hours of spraying.

I am quite sure that I would run out of both paint and my patience if I were to use a roller or brush for the paint job.

When it comes to cleaning the equipment, I used a rag and mineral spirits. You have to check the two holes on the side of the front part, which only emit air in order to control the formation of the spray. You can use a small rag and mineral spirits to clean them.

This product has won my approval. It surpasses spray cans for similar projects. I already have a new project in mind, which is painted a couple of rocking chairs on my front porch.

Ensure that you use a face mask for eye protection and breathing protection whenever you are painting.

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