Titan Flexspray Handheld Paint Sprayer Review

titan flexsprayTitan has been in this business for quite a long time. The company has established a good reputation for themselves and is worthy of it.

Come to think about it; Titan Flexspray handheld electric sprayer is another excellent product from their house and basically, provides everything that one needs for painting purposes.

In this article, let’s have an in-depth insight on this sprayer. This unbiased review will focus and pinpoint every area of this tool. We have rated this sprayer 4.0 on 5, and all in all, the sprayer is worth it.

Without wasting any time, let’s take a look at the pros and cons to help you make a well-informed decision.

  • Easy to clean
  • Performs both small and big tasks swiftly
  • Value for money
  • Provides a fast painting experience, all thanks to its JetForce technology
  • Delivers a professional finish with both unthinned and thinned paints
  • Allows you to adjust the speed, thus providing you precision painting
  • Can cause serious overspray
  • It is more suitable for small jobs

This was all about the pros and cons. Let’s understand the product better by having a look at its key features and what separates it from the other paint sprayers available in the market today.

Key Features

Infused with revolutionary JetForce technology

The unique JetForce technology of this electric paint sprayer boosts the spraying ability of the sprayer. The sprayer has an atomization power of a 4-stage turbine and a speed which is equal to 413 airless tip. As a result, the final finish is perfect.

Quick and easy cleanup process

One of the biggest concerns of the people dealing with paint sprayers is the mess that it creates. It is particularly difficult to clean paint from a paint sprayer, but not with this product.

Titan Flexspray comes equipped with a Quick Change System which helps you in easy refilling for regular jobs and easy change coatings.

First multitool with a combination of airless and HVLP

This is one of the best features of this paint sprayer. Titan Flexspray combines the goodness of both airless paint sprayer and HVLP paint sprayer. This is because the sprayer is capable of creating an atomization power corresponding to a 4-stage HVLP. When it comes to speed, the sprayer sprays pretty fast by spraying equivalent to an airless sprayer, all thanks to its 413 tip.

Atomization power of this sprayer equals to 4-stage HVLP

As already discussed, the sprayer has a great atomization power similar to that of a 4-stage HVLP. This atomizes the paint perfectly and provides a flawless finish.

The weight of the gun is only 4.3 lbs

The lightweight of the sprayer is another value addition. It weighs just 4.3 lbs and is extremely easy to work with, without straining your hands.

Ten times more durable than conventional handheld paint sprayers

If you have been looking for a durable paint sprayer, this is it! In addition to providing a flawless paint finish, the sprayer is also known for durability. It is ten times more durable than conventional handheld airless sprayers, and this is what makes this sprayer one of the best products that we have with us today.

So, this was all as per the company’s claims. The next important thing – how well does the product performs in real life? Let’s have a look.

Other Areas You Need To Focus On Before Buying

Is this sprayer durable?

Yes, it is highly durable. In spite of being lightweight, it is made of quality materials. Customers have emphasized its quality. Technology like Jetforce has been added to increase its value. Also, being a work of Titan gives the customers the guarantee of its quality.

Is the sprayer heavy?

Well, the sprayer weighs about 4.3 lbs, but there is no need to worry about comfort, as reported by customers. Gun is the main part which weighs roughly 1 pound. That said, it is extremely easy to work with.

What’s the use of advanced JetForce technology?

Advanced JetForce technology is the highlight of this sprayer. It gives an unbeatable versatility to the users. According to users, the sprayer is capable of doing anything from the interior exterior to ceilings. The professionals who developed it did it with the sole purpose of enabling multiple applications.

Is using this sprayer time-consuming?

No. A lot of users agreed that the sprayer is capable of painting quickly. Everything from cleaning process to starting up can be done in a matter of seconds. Coatings and refills etcetera can be changed with ease when switching from smaller jobs to larger. Even the cleaning up time has been reduced with this sprayer.

Does it work fine with latex?

As per the company, the sprayer is equipped with a high atomization power, and this makes it easy to work with a range of paints. However, this is not true as per the users’ experience.

Upon use, it was found that the sprayer doesn’t work fine with latex and doesn’t atomize as expected, confirmed a user.

Final Words

All in all, this electrical airless hand-held sprayer is worth a try. Keeping in mind its affordable price and supreme quality, the sprayer won’t disappoint you for sure.

Titan Flexspray, as per reviews, is perfect for small touch-ups and other minor painting works. Presently, it is not as famous as other Titan products, but that surely has nothing to do with the performance that it delivers.

Have you tried this comfy handheld sprayer? If yes, did you enjoy the experience? Would you recommend it to your friends? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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