The Sprayit SP-33000 gun kit is a complete paint spray kit that you would need on any indoor or outdoor operation. Being operated under the tag of LVLP, it is fair to say that it is a low volume supporting low operating pressure.


The complete all to have spray kit from SPRAYIT has some pretty amazing specifications and features. Here’s a look over some important ones:

  • It consists of a one-piece aluminum-bodied gun
  • The gun has been designed to be lightweight, weighing not more than 20 oz.
  • There is a provision for adjusting the fluid and fan pattern with the help of separate knobs and controls that allow better functioning, as per the requirements.
  • Even an air control feature is present to maintain consistency
  • Air consumption can be measured up to 3.5 to 4 CFM
  • The operating pressure of the gun in the kit is estimated to be around 30 PSI
  • The fan pattern control can allow you to fixate anywhere between 7.0 to 10.9 inches.

The LVLP functioning means that you can use less amount of air and can thus equip a small compressor for the proper desired results.


The gun is highly comfortable as it is lightweight. Thus it makes long hours of tedious paint job almost easy and non-tiring. The needle and nozzle have been made from corrosion resistant material and thus no longer how much frequently the gun is used, or for how long it is kept unused, it is never going to get out of order. More to add, the complete kit and the parts provided also make the cleaning job pretty much like a cakewalk.


Well, there has been no problem with the functioning of the spray kit as everything remains up to the mark and lived up to your expectations. However, it is quite a tough job for the first timers to figure out things through not so well instructed manuals.

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