SPRAYIT SP-33000 LVLP Gravity Feed Spray Gun

The SPRAYIT SP-33000 LVLP Gravity Feed gun is yet another one of the amazing product line in paint applicants as offered by the firm SPRAYIT. Pretty useful, it has become quite popular due to its fair price and amazing features.


The SPRAYIT SP-33000 LVLP Gravity Feed Spray gun as the name itself suggests a low-pressure, low volume tech propelled gun that can achieve high efficiency as compared to other guns. Some of the key features to look out for in this spray gun are as follows:

  • The gun is made of lightweight aluminum, causing the gun to weigh no more than just 20 oz.
  • There are separate controls for adjusting fluid, fan pattern and air to get desired results so that the user gets more choices.
  • The air consumption of the gun as measured at 30 PSI standard rating ranged from 3.5 to 3.9 CFM.
  • The working pressure of the gun is somewhere between 28- 45 PSI, with the maximum pressure being attained is 60 PSI.

Less air means you can easily use a small compressor. Also, the needles, as well as the nozzles of the gun, have been made out from stainless steel which ensures durability.


Coming to the benefits of the SPRAYIT SP-33000 LVLP Gravity Feed spray gun, it wouldn’t be unfair to say that this gun stands out on high performance. Whatever the fan pattern you want is obtained, and efficiency is at its maximum with the SPRAYIT SP-33000 LVLP Gravity Feed spray gun. The gun is durable and thus would go on functioning without any performance glitch for a long time. Not only that, even the over-spray is properly controlled, making less of a mess to clean up.


Only annoying points in the gun are that the manual doesn’t have proper instructions and the O rings of the gun sometimes tend to mess with the functioning.

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Rick Anderson - August 28, 2020

i bought the sprayit 33000, and right away, broke the air intake knob at the bottom. now i cant find replacement parts. is there anywhere to find them??


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