Graco Sharpe Finex FX3000

The Sharpe Finex FX 30000 1.5 mm HVLP Spray gun has been designed by Graco for pulling off the medium scale and large scale jobs. HVLP principle or the high volume low-pressure tech used ensures that high efficiency and delivery rate are present.


The FX 3000 1.5 mm is pretty amazing if has to be seen from a paint worker. Graco has redesigned the original model for an upgrade in this, increasing its functionality and taking its features to a whole new level. Some of the key features noted are as follows:

  • The gun functions on HVLP tech and thus has high-efficiency rate and high delivery rate.
  • The redesigning and innovations have caused 29% fewer parts.
  • Along with the gun, repair kit and an optional 3M PPS adapter are provided.
  • The specialty or unique feature of this gun is that it has interchangeable aluminum cups and the lowest trigger of the gun is of the lowest pull as compared to others in the same class.
  • The fluid tip of the needle is measured to be around 1.5 mm
  • Air consumption of the gun is estimated to be around 9.5 CFM.
  • The maximum value of the inlet HVLP pressure is around 29 PSI
  • The gun is particularly lightweight even when weighed with the cup. The weight is approximately 1.11 lb with the cup
  • The cup capacity is 600 cc whereas the pattern size of the gun is almost 12.5 inches.


One of the many advantages of using the gun is that it is highly efficient and helps in finishing big jobs in no time. Also, the gun has been designed in a manner to avoid fatigue of any kind to the user.


As all the Graco guns are or perhaps all the LP guns, the overspray can be messy to clean up. Also, it has been reported by many users that the gun stops functioning well enough after some time.

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Leif - August 29, 2018

Dear Sir I am am looking for a spray gun for Clear lack that only will be used to spray violins and guitars. Do you know of a goood one that do not need a lot of levelsanding when the job is done.

Best regard leifj

terry - September 25, 2018

a finex 1.0 or 1.3 tip gun would do a great job for around 125.00


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