SATAjet 5000 B

The premium high-performance spray gun SATAjet 5000 B can push beyond the set quality standards, making the job of painting easy as never before. It is exceptionally versatile if we talk about application, distance and inlet Pressure.


Some of the key features to look out for in the SATA 5000 B sprayer gun are as follows:

  • It has an optimized nozzle concept which is present for highest possible versatility regarding the pressure of inlet and the spray range distance.
  • The gun’s handle is ergonomically shaped
  • They have the trademark Pearlchrome™ surface that helps in easy cleaning,
  • Also, the parts have been made from corrosion resistant material to prolong the life and increase durability.
  • The gun has a variety of adjustment knobs and facilities that can get you the required output.
  • The gun is equipped with safe trigger sleeve for easy and quick insertion of the paint needle
  • Apart from these specs, it has a swivel joint with a brand new high-performance seal
  • Optimized half-turn spray fan control

Thus, it can be unarguably stated that the SATAjet 5000 B is indeed one hell of a powerful sprayer and is capable of handling all type of projects.


The benefits of this powerful SATAjet 5000 are many, and there would be no fault in concluding that it is worth all the money that it has been priced for. The adjustment facilities give the user a choice to change according to the expectations and the desired output. The gun is reputed for its amazing high-performance capabilities and results. The easy cleanup and assembling make it a good choice for the first-timers.


As for the drawbacks of this particular paint applicator, there are none so far regarding the performance and task completion. However, there have been some issues concerning the availability of the product throughout.

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