SATAjet 4000 B

The all-new SATAjet 4000 B is brilliant and undoubtedly setting high standards. It features state of the art tech and advanced features that have been creatively and innovatively crafted and built into one to achieve better precision rate and efficiency.


The creative and innovative designing of the SATAjet 4000 has resulted in one of the most awaited spray guns for common use which has almost the same features as the counterparts but gives better functionality. Some of the key features are:

  • It is lightweight and weighs no heavier than a glove itself. The design has undergone modification to lower center of gravity to ease it up for the painter.
  • As compared to the previous models, the new improved version has improved control elements as now with just a quarter turn; spray fan can be adjusted as per the requirements of the user.
  • The new concept behind the nozzle of SATAjet400 B has been enhanced to a great extent to be compatible with modern paint systems.
  • The noise level of the gun has been reduced by more than 50%.
  • The spray fan is perfectly shaped and uniforms in operation, ensuring quality patterns.


As per the expectations, even the benefits of the spray gun has increased to a great extent. Nevertheless, the quality of the work is maintained as the material sprayed lays down in an even and soft manner. This SATA spray gun can achieve highest color match precision, uniform distribution of paint over the surface as well as a glossy finish that gives a unique touch to your surface.

The HVLP gun is capable of running all by itself in the low pressure and thus can achieve a high-efficiency rate.


As per the reports by the customers, there are no such performance issues with the SATA4000 B except for the fact that it can cause messy overs-prays that can be tedious to look after.

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