SATAjet 1000 B Lignum

The SATAjet 1000 B is a robust as well as easy to clean spray gun that has been designed in a manner that it can act as a universal sprayer, although it was designed keeping the woodwork in mind. It too can function with most of the thick and thin paints.


Just like the various other SATAjet series products, the SATAjet also has some unique features, some of which are listed below:

    • The nozzle size ranges from 0.8 to 5.0.
    • The gun has been designed to be robust and easy to clean after the job is done.
    • It is a sturdy spray gun that has an anodized body. The standard version comes with a swivel joint.
    • The gun has been fully equipped with the fan control and material flow along with the micrometer.
    • The gun is lightweight and hence can be used even during stretching long hours of a tedious project.
    • In the revised designs, the gun has introduced large and smooth passages for the improvement in material flow, making the job completion easier and cleaner.

Also, some features have been added to the gun to ensure that there is no clogging of any kind and that the gun functions just fine.


Undoubtedly there are numerous benefits to the buying of this primitive spray gun. Some of its benefits as reported by the users are as follows:

  • Easier clean up after the job completion.
  • Easier material flow has been noted- preventing jamming and clogging.
  • The gun offers more choices as well as adjustment options to the users to make his job easier.


The design is too old-fashioned. Even though it seems like a conventional rebuilt, the gun fails to deliver when it is subjected to more pressure. Apart from this, there seemed no reason as to why one would not buy it.

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