Professional Grade 1.7 mm HVLP Air Spray Gun review

I am very happy with this HVLP spray system. I did some work with it last night, and I was very satisfied with the smooth coatings. I also have to say that the nickel plating is a great addition. It is very easy to clean in case some paint drops over there.

The pressure gauge attachment is really making the gun worth its money. Anyway, the price is fabulous. I recommend this gun to anyone. By the way, use acetone or carburetor cleaner if you want to clean it easy and fast.

Nevertheless, I have to admit that I had a problem with the vendor. It has nothing to do with the functionality of the product, though. Even though I have sent my billing information at the end of March, I have only received the product one and a half month later.

The company paid back the shipment fee in order to compensate for the problem, but I still had to postpone a project because of the delay.

I am using urethane primer for painting cars and this is why I bought this spray gun. Given the fact that it has a very low price, I was skeptical concerning its quality. I was not sure it will work, but I was amazed to notice that it is indeed well engineered.

It is definitely not a professional gun, but it provides value for its money. I decided to disassemble it completely before using it for the first time and I have noticed that certain parts are glued together. This is obviously not the case with the parts to be cleaned. If you want to do the same thing as me, be careful with the inside seal during the disassembly process.

Despite the glue parts, I managed to disassemble it and put it back together. The gun worked well once I set it up for the right type of paint I was using. I would have liked a wider pattern, but it was fine. I also had a problem with the cover of the regulator spring.

It broke because it was made of cheap material, but it was not something that could not have been fixed. I plan to use it for my urethane top coat and I hope the narrow pattern will work. In addition, my 2hp/20 gal tank compressor might not be suitable for continuous spraying.

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