Paint Sprayer VS Roller

There are some reasons why most paint experts would rather use a paint sprayer instead of a traditional roller. The main ones would include speed, even paint coverage and variety. For those who have transitioned to the use of sprayers, a lot of them can attest to these advantages. Here are short explanations as to why they think this way:


By no doubt do paint sprayers expedite the painting process. According to estimates, the use of paint sprayers makes the job twice or thrice faster as compared to the use of rollers. The ideal speed of hand movement when using spray guns is two to three feet per second. Thus, with an accurate adjustment of the fan pattern, painting becomes so fast with the use of these paint systems. There are also some guns designed for very large surfaces such that the fan pattern can dramatically cover large surface areas in a very short time.

Paint coverage

Perhaps the biggest difference between the use of paint sprayers is the output. Since paint is atomized with the use of spray guns, it is ejected as a fine mist that entirely covers any surface. If you use a roller, there may be a tendency to get unwanted roller patterns that takes time to correct. With the use of paint sprayers, however, paint coverage becomes even and smooth-looking. Furthermore, spray guns can reach places that are difficult to reach with rollers such as wall crevices and corners.


Lastly, paint sprayers come in all sizes, designs, and brands. This gives you flexibility in choosing a system that is appropriate for your project. The two major kinds of sprayers are the “airless” spray systems and the “air compression” systems. The former does not utilize air in ejecting paint and instead uses direct pressure. The latter on the other hand uses an air compressor to push the paint out of the nozzle tip.

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