Paint Sprayer Troubleshooting

Using a paint sprayer encompasses its own set of problems. It can get very frustrating when the spray gun stops functioning while in the middle of a painting project. That is why every owner should know basic troubleshooting skills with the use of spray systems. Here are some common problems along with some of their possible solutions:

The gun stops spraying

Fundamentally, a spray gun needs both air and fluid to work. It is therefore imperative to check first if there is paint supply and if the air compressor is working. While these may seem very basic, it does happen that the cup runs out of paint or that the air compressor gets turned off. If either is not the cause of the problem, try to check if the spray gun is clogged. Assess room temperature since paint tends to clump when subjected to temperatures below 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

On the other hand, you may also check if the nozzle is loose or clogged. If it is loose, use a wrench to tighten it until snug. If it is clogged by paint, unscrew the nozzle and soak it in paint thinner to dissolve the semi-solid barrier.

The spray pattern is distorted

While this can be pinpointed as a problem caused by the spray gun, it may also be that you are positioning the gun improperly while pulling the trigger. Make sure that the gun is perpendicular to the surface being painted on and that you are working at a distance of around 12 inches. Do not tilt or arc the gun too as these affect the uniformity of the spray pattern. Nevertheless, you can still inspect the gun if the problem persists and try to see if there are problems with the air cap, fluid nozzle, or fluid needle.

The gun leaks

Lastly, gun leaking is one of the most common problems when using air sprayers. When this happens, check if the retaining ring found on the air cap is loose. Sometimes, the cause can also be the fluid needle if it fails to connect properly to the fluid nozzle. You may have to clean the needle if it has hardened paint or you may need to replace it if it is broken.

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my mark 1 paint sprayer will not shut off


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