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SATAjet 5000 B

The premium high-performance spray gun SATAjet 5000 B can push beyond the set quality standards, making the job of painting easy as never before. It is exceptionally versatile if we talk about application, distance and inlet Pressure. Features Some of the key features to look out for in the SATA 5000 B sprayer gun are […]

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SATAjet 1000 B Lignum

The SATAjet 1000 B is a robust as well as easy to clean spray gun that has been designed in a manner that it can act as a universal sprayer, although it was designed keeping the woodwork in mind. It too can function with most of the thick and thin paints. Features Just like the […]

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SATAjet 4000 B

The all-new SATAjet 4000 B is brilliant and undoubtedly setting high standards. It features state of the art tech and advanced features that have been creatively and innovatively crafted and built into one to achieve better precision rate and efficiency. Features The creative and innovative designing of the SATAjet 4000 has resulted in one of […]

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SATAjet 3000 HVLP

SATAjet 3000 HVLP as the name suggests is an HVLP type of gun that usually operates under a high volume low-pressure principle or technology. Fine atomization and top class finish are some of the reasons as to why this gun is preferred over the others. Features Just like the other models from Sata HVLP paint […]

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