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Tooluxe HVLP 05mm Mini Gravity Feed Air Spray Gun

The complete value of this small spray gun is its cost to use ratio. With shipping, I spent under $20. The equipment’s quality is over the $20 mark, and the quality of the spray is decent for its size. Moreover, this HVLP sprayer is fully adjustable just like the usual HVLP guns, and it is […]

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Tool Forces A-C2 HVLP review

I was looking for a temporary gun to use to fill in the time between ordering and receiving a different DevilBliss gun. I had some smaller jobs to take care of during that period that could not wait. The Tool Force gun came in cheap packaging but was quick to assemble. I used paint thinner […]

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Graco-Sharpe 288880 HVLP FX3000 Paint Spray Gun

I initially bought another spray gun at a discount. I could not get the job done with it and I have made a total mess. Afterward, I decided to try the Graco-Sharpe. Even though I cannot call my jobs professional, I have plenty of experience in painting cars. I have been doing this for thirty […]

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Wagner Procoat Airless Paint Sprayer

I have a large deck that I needed to repaint so I bought this sprayer to use for the job. Assembly of the sprayer was easy. I chose a solid stain color and started spraying the deck. Not long into the job, however, the sprayer lost its prime and I had to stop and wait […]

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Tool Force A-C3 High Pressure Spray Gun review

I was amazed when I opened the package to find a paint gun. I have no idea how the Chinese are able to produce a great type of tools for that amount, especially when profit has to be considered. However, the downside is that the training guide was almost pointless. Springs and gaskets in the […]

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Kawasaki 840762 High Pressure Spray Gun review

I have bought two such guns because I was looking for a gun with a large needle and I could not find one at a low price. Therefore, when I came across this, I decided to take two. Large needles are used by those who work with thick paint and want to get the job […]

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Wagner Double Duty Paint Sprayer Review

Before purchasing the Wagner Double Duty Sprayer, I performed a lot of online research, reading customer reviews and taking notes of tips that people had provided. I found the advice very useful when I went to use the sprayer for the first time. There are some important preparation steps to do for the sprayer to […]

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Vaper 19220 HVLP Triple Set-Up Spray Gun review

Recently I bought the Vaper 19220 HVLP Triple Set-Up Spray Gun for a painting project I was working on. I heard about the tool from a friend of mine. I am always very careful about choosing a product online. I always read user reviews along with the specifications of the product. That time was not […]

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Tool Force A-C1 50 PSI 2-in-1 HVLP Spray Gun review

The Tool Force 50 psi 2-in-1 HVLP spray gun is a great tool considering the price you have to pay for it. At a price of $20-$30, it performs notably well. Of course, it has some limitations but so does any tool. This HVLP paint sprayer has two types of nozzles suitable for different purposes. […]

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