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Iwata LS400H Supernova

The Iwata LS400H Supernova Hybrid Spray Gun is a redesigned model of the predecessor LS400 H 1.3 which had a nozzle of 1.3 mm. Needless to say; the specifications of the product are almost the same, delivering the same performance quotient throughout. Features Even though the 1.3 and 1.4 mm nozzle guns of the LS400H […]

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Iwata AZ3HV2-15GC

Another of the brilliant products line from the paint applicator series from Iwata; the Iwata AZ3HV2 is an HVLP or high volume low-pressure gun that has been designed to increase the efficiency and to deliver a rate of the previous designs. Features In specifications and features, the gun is almost the same as its previous […]

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Iwata LS400-1304

Iwata LS400 is one of the premium spray guns that have been produced and sold by Iwata. Undoubtedly, it is made from cutting-edge technology and supports functioning in the HVLP principle. Features The Iwata LS400-1304 1.3 Nozzle Gun is pretty amazing in its look with platinum cap and glassy look. Some of the other amazing […]

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Iwata LPH400-134LVX

Iwata LPS400 is an eXtreme series spray gun that is used for basecoat spray. The gun is quite popular because of its high efficiency and great precision offered at a fair price. Features Some of the exciting features and specifications that make the LPH400 stand out from the rest are as follows: LV tech used […]

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Iwata az3hv2-13gc hvlp spray gun

Iwata brings its IWA9230 spray gun which works with HVLP or high volume low-pressure tech. The gun is affordable and pretty much cost effective to be used by everyone. Features Even though it is cost-effective, it does not mean that there are no good features in this Iwata spray gun. Some of the key features […]

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