Neiko 31215A

The Neiko 31215A Professional Spray 1-7mm is an air propelled HVLP, i.e., High volume low-pressure paint gun which is used for painting various substances and surfaces with select paint range.

Features and specifications

As it has been made for professional as well as DIY people, the gun has excellent quality make that can deliver professional results. The high volume low-pressure design allows it to operate with a small nozzle that measures 1.7 mm and pressure as low as 40 PSI. The aluminum made paint cup of the spray gun measures 600 ccs, ample for any paint operation.

The average air consumption as recorded for the Neiko spray gun is 4.5 CFM, and the gun has been equipped with pattern control knobs that make the pattern just like you want them. As the normal spray guns get jammed up and stuck, this Neiko spray gun has been given a Gun Metal Nickel finish that provides it with greater life and durability. Apart from such features, the Neiko 31215A also has a specially designed valve to adjust air and a gauge for easier use.


First of all, the gun is made available to you at a throwaway price. It provides even coatings all around as the pressure is evenly maintained by the pressure gauge attachment. The nickel plating as a finish has resulted in a prolonged life which means that the gun can be used over and over again without any scope of mechanic damage. Not to forget, the clean-up of the mess if made around also becomes very easy.


Even though it has proved to be essential, there have been a few discrepancies and minor drawbacks that have been repeated such as throwing of paint strings after the first use, no clarity in clean up instructions and tightened parts that are hard to disengage and clean up.

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