Iwata LS400-1304

Iwata LS400 is one of the premium spray guns that have been produced and sold by Iwata. Undoubtedly, it is made from cutting-edge technology and supports functioning in the HVLP principle.


The Iwata LS400-1304 1.3 Nozzle Gun is pretty amazing in its look with platinum cap and glassy look. Some of the other amazing features and specifications of the gun are as follows:

  • It has been made from trademark HYBRID technology to give high delivery rate and achieve better efficiency.
  • HVLP technology or the high volume low-pressure tech is used in the designing of the gun for better speed.
  • The design of the gun can achieve and maintain a pressure of 10 PSI at the cap too.
  • There is no doubt that with the increased speed, the productivity and efficiency have been enhanced and multiplied as compared to the previous designs as well as the competition guns.
  • Brilliant atomization of paint material is achieved with the gun, and thus the quality of the work done is unquestionable.

The gun can be used for various projects including refinishing, basecoats, general painting, automotive touching, etc. The gun has been able to achieve speed and better statistics but also maintains the superiority offered by the original LS400 design.


This Iwata spray gun has speed, and thus it saves time by completing big projects in no time. Also, it has been engineered I a way to be comfortable to the user’s hand and thus prevents fatigue of any kind during long working hours of the project. Brilliant atomization leads to superior quality of work as compared to the guns with the same specs. It is quite smooth in functioning and is very easy to clean up after the job is complete.


The overspray can be a problem with this gun due to uncontrollable speed sometimes. Therefore, you need to use the gun with extreme caution. Overall, it is a good buy.

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