Iwata LPH400-134LVX

Iwata LPS400 is an eXtreme series spray gun that is used for basecoat spray. The gun is quite popular because of its high efficiency and great precision offered at a fair price.


Some of the exciting features and specifications that make the LPH400 stand out from the rest are as follows:

  • LV tech used for a tulip pattern measuring 1.8 inches. Due to this, more material is utilized efficiently, and it results in less mess or overspray to clean up and control.
  • It can handle thick as well as thinned water based solvents or products easily.
  • Specially designed LVX air cap facilitates increasing productivity for all midrange colors, ensuring that speed is maintained too.
  • There is no technique alteration or change allowed in the gun
  • The air consumption is pretty low as compared to other counterpart guns of the same specifications.

The LVX eXtreme tech for basecoat was designed and developed for application with almost all of the basecoat colors. It has been re-engineered to provide the users increased productivity when used with waterborne basecoats. It is faster than its competitors and undoubtedly has an ultra smooth functioning performance.


This Iwata spray gun has some pretty amazing features that have benefited the users all over the world. Some of the benefits as reported by many users include increased productivity that leads to saving of time, money and energy. Not only this, the gun is lightweight, and there is no technique change. Thus, it has a pretty smooth functioning and does not cause much fatigue when it comes to long hours of projects. It can handle almost all basecoats.


Even though it is cheap and saves on all the resources, nothing can be perfect. It has been reported by the users sometimes that the gun does not give much of choice and is ideal only for one type of projects and pattern making.

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