Iwata AZ3HV2-15GC

Another of the brilliant products line from the paint applicator series from Iwata; the Iwata AZ3HV2 is an HVLP or high volume low-pressure gun that has been designed to increase the efficiency and to deliver a rate of the previous designs.


In specifications and features, the gun is almost the same as its previous designs and model numbers. Not only this, even the technology used is the same. Some of the key features of this gun are as follows:

  • Redesigned for high performance and greater effectiveness.
  • It is priced fairly, actually much lower as compared to the competitor guns with the same specifications.
  • This Iwata spray gun has been designed in an ergonomic manner to achieve absolute lightweight.
  • There is a provision for a smooth, soft trigger that allows easy handling of the gun during operation and prevents any fatigue that might take place due to repeated use or long continuous use of the gun during long projects.
  • Newly polished surface has been provided to facilitate easy cleanup.
  • The maximum pattern width recorded by the gun is 11.5.”
  • The working pressure of the spray gun is estimated to be 28 PSI
  • The air consumption of the spray gun from Iwata has been recorded to be 12 CFM.


One of the best benefits is that the gun is very cheap and thus it saves you money. With the soft trigger pull, you can go on and on with the gun without feeling tired. Even after the job is done, the process of clean-up is very easy. Low-pressure functioning ensures a higher delivery rate and faster completion of the work.


The biggest drawback of using this gun is that the overspray can be more than just messy as it is not properly controlled due to the absence of adjustment knobs.

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