Ingersoll Rand 210G

The Ingersoll Rand is a firm that has been producing consumer-oriented devices and applicants that have never let down its trusted customers for years, and there is no way this gravity feed spray gun does that either.


The HVLP tag given to the Ingersoll Rand gravity spray gun suggests that it operates with low pressure under a high volume of paint supply. The paint cup is uniquely designed to avoid dripping of paint material. Other notable features include suspension hook and a filter that make it easier to handle the gun as well as its functioning together.

In addition to this, there is a fluid and spray pattern adjustment control knob that can control the spray pattern and pressure of flowing fluids. Also, to control the air pressure and involvement, the gun is equipped with an air adjustment valve as well. Thus, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the gun is highly equipped with modifiable knobs to make it function just like it is supposed to do.


As reported by the users all over, there is absolutely no doubt that the product succeeds to achieve professional results in the given time which is almost next to impossible. With 4 SCFM delivered at an operating pressure of PSI, the gun will run on almost any pressure, no matter how low.

Also, it has been appreciated that mess made is negligible and it hardly takes more than 10 minutes to wind up and clean up completely. Thus, this gun brings out the efficiency conjoined with technology and innovation.


The Ingersoll Rand spray gun probably has the biggest drawback- of being too good. Indeed, it is too good to be reliable for heavy jobs. People say that it is good with first few jobs but then eventually results in a crash down. Moreover, the gun hasn’t been fairly priced, if most customers and other experts are to be believed.

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