HVLP Spray Gun From Tool Force (A-C1 50 PSI) review

My job involves painting all types of surfaces, including homes and automotive vehicles. The cost of one of my airless sprayers was more than $5000 and my current automotive sprayer by Devilbliss was around $500. I know there are options out there for HVLP spray guns but I have not been sure which brand to choose. The Tool Force HVLP was a reasonable price so I thought I would test it out.

I was impressed when I opened the box that the spray gun felt heavier and of higher quality than what I expected for the price. It is a nice, professional looking HVLP spray gun and its components are on par with my much more expensive ones. In fact, some of the needles for these other guns cost me more than this Tool Force gun!

I began by testing out a latex paint in the spray gun. The paint required thinning but after I figured out the appropriate adjustments with the fan and air, the painting performance was outstanding. The gun works in both large areas and small spots with more detail. I used mine with a light whip hose to ensure I could paint everything I wanted. The gun and cup together are lightweight and work great with a larger-sized compressor.

I painted with the new spray gun for 2 hours, after which it took me only minutes to clean it up completely with water and a small portion of lacquer thinner. Other sprayers I own can take up to 2 hours to clean and reassemble. In addition, I end up using almost 4 liters of lacquer thinner.

With this experience, I am thinking about buying a NICE HLVP, even though I think this one is great. The paint is evenly distributed and has great control and spray patterns when used with its adjustments. This is much better than heavy electric sprayers!

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