How to Wash Spray Painted Shirts

Spray painted shirts are such a joy to wear on casual occasions. There are some designs that you can employ plus you get the chance to personalize what you’re wearing on a regular basis. However, there may be a problem with washing these shirts since the prints can get washed off easily. Here are some tips to preserve the paint and to have the shirts last as long as any other factory-printed shirt.

Use the right type of paint

Before proceeding to the washing instructions, let us first look at a very important factor when it comes to spray painting shirts. A common error that people commit is that they use the wrong type of paint for their shirts. Acrylic and oil-based paints, for example, are bad choices since they do not stick well to fabric and may smell bad if you don’t air them out well. Thus, look for fabric paints at a local store, preferably opaque and heavily pigmented, that is manufactured for spray painting shirts.

Use mild detergent

To wash spray painted shirts, invest on a mild detergent with no bleach that is meant for machine use. Some types of detergents are too strong that they dissolve paint particles. It is also important to turn the shirt inside out to protect the prints. Wash these shirts on low and rinse twice in tepid water.

Dry with bath towels

Finally, once you’re done with the washing, you can then place the shirts in the dryer. A vital tip to follow is to place the shirts with two big bath towels. The bath towels will serve as protection to the fragile shirt by enveloping it with thick fabrics that do not get twisted too much while the dryer is running. If you can follow those steps above, there is no doubt that your spray painted shirt can last for years.

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