How to Use Spray Gun to Paint Furniture

The use of spray guns is a phenomenal method to paint furniture. Some furniture makers may be apprehensive to try it, but for those who have, going back to the traditional paintbrush is almost not an option. Spray paint makes the entire painting process faster and more efficient with better paint distribution. For this reason, you may want to take note of some tips if you’ve been planning to make your furniture or if you want to reinstate old furniture to their former glory.

Prepare the furniture for painting

The first step to take would be to prepare the furniture for painting. Make sure to wipe off the surfaces with a wet cloth to get rid of dust and other foreign particles that may affect the quality of your finish. If there are bumps and sharp points here and there, sanding them would be a good option. If the pieces of furniture you’re working on are old and slightly dilapidated, especially for wooden objects, replace some parts or hammer them in with new nails.

Prime the surfaces

To get the best outcome, prime the surface with a thin coat of paint using the spray gun. Use the gun perpendicular to the surface being painted on while moving in either a horizontal or vertical sweeping motion. Maintain a distance of about 12 inches from the surface being painted on to get the best paint patterns. Do not trigger the gun without moving it first. On the other hand, releasing the trigger must be done before ending your hand motion.

Apply final coat and finish

Once you’re done with the primer, you can now apply the final coat with ease. Choose a particular color that you want to stand out with the finish. Do the same spray painting process until you have fully covered the piece with a wet coat. Give attention to ridges and other areas that may be difficult to paint by eliminating light segments. Let the paint completely dry before applying the finish. For wooden materials, applying varnish or lacquer can give them a glossy look.

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