How to Use an Airless Paint Sprayer


An airless paint sprayer is an efficient tool for large paint jobs. With it, you can apply a full wet coat at approximately twice the speed of using a brush or roller. While it requires minimal preparation, the essential part to master in using an airless paint sprayer is achieving control of the spray gun. Here are some points to consider:

Take heed of the distance

All airless gun tips are sized at a standard spray distance of 12 inches. Exceeding this distance when it comes to spraying can lead to overspray that entails uneven coverage. On the other hand, working too close from the surface can cause the paint to clump and drip in one area. You can use a 12-inch ruler as a reference and estimate its length as your guide when using the airless paint sprayer.

Position the gun properly

You must hold the gun perpendicular to the surface being painted to avoid “spitting.” Do not tilt the gun either up or down since this produces a build-up of paint that negatively affects the spray pattern. Arcing the gun must also be avoided since this causes the paint to bounce off from the surface due to improper ejection of paint.

Trigger the gun with the right timing

Knowing when to trigger the gun can get a little tricky. It is important to remember that the gun cannot be partially triggered and therefore delivers paint at full blast always. The gun stroke or movement should be started before triggering to prevent splattering of paint at the starting point. Conversely, you must release the trigger before stopping your stroke to prevent the same effect at the endpoint.

Control your speed

Finally, the speed at which you move your stroke, either horizontally or vertically, can be affected by the fluid pressure of your pump and the size of your gun tip. Set the pressure at a rate that is most comfortable for you or changes the tip to apply paint at an ideal speed of two to three feet per second. And a good rule to follow: never exchange quality for faster speeds when using an airless paint sprayer.

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