How to Use a Paint Sprayer

Using a paint sprayer over traditional brushes and rollers has many advantages for painting. It helps you apply paint at a faster rate and helps you achieve a smoother finish on walls and wooden furniture among many others. If you’re thinking of buying or renting a paint sprayer, here are the most basic steps on how to use it:

Prime the pump

After checking if the screen found at the intake point is clean, priming the pump comes next. Place the smaller prime tube in a waste pail and the bigger suction tube in the paint bucket. Turn the valve to “prime” and let the pump run until the paint starts dripping out of the prime tube. Transfer the prime tube to the paint bucket and let the paint keep flowing until air bubbles are eliminated.

Prepare the gun and do a test run

Attach the gun to the pump and let the paint fill the tube by pulling the trigger. Once a steady stream is flowing out of the gun, release the trigger and securely apply the spray tip. You are now ready to start painting. It is imperative that you practice first with cardboard or any other flat surface before you proceed with the actual paint job. This helps you gain proper control of the gun and helps you come up with a correct paint pattern.

Use the right spraying techniques

Two fundamental rules to remember would be to never pull the gun’s trigger without horizontally moving your hands back and forth first and to never spray from a distance longer than 10 to 12 inches. The ideal speed of movement should be about 2 to 3 feet per second to get an even coat. You must also avoid tilting the sprayer upwards or downwards since this causes “spitting.”

Do touch-ups and aftercare

Once you finally get the hang of using a paint sprayer and finish painting all surfaces, do minor touch-ups. Check if there are lighter areas or missed spots to work on. You may use a separate brush to fix these. Lastly, make sure to thoroughly clean the spray gun and other equipment after each use to prevent clogging and to keep everything in great condition.

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