How to troubleshoot a spray gun

There are some problems you might face when you have a spray gun from the problematic pattern; your sprayer stopped working, leaking paint, etc. At the other side, human factors can also cause some problems such as how good your skill and technique are. All these general and specific problems can be fixed. Just follow the steps below one after another to make sure that no problem will come after you finished the steps.

  • a. Test your sprayer performance by having the air cap inverted. Do this whenever you see side, top, or bottom patterns. By doing this, you can know the exact location where the material built up. If nothing changes, your problem is with the built-up paint. For this case, you need to take your solvent and soak the paint in it and have it wiped. If you found changed shape, take the air cap, soak, and finally have it cleaned.
  • b. Take a toothpick and use it to clean orifices you found. Never use a wire instead because it will cause holes damage and bring bad result
  • c. Make sure that at this point you have thin paint and have the paint flow reduced by increasing the pressure whenever you have a problem with the center pattern. Has the pressure reduced if you don’t have enough paint or there is a split pattern? Alternatively, increase the fluid.
  • d. When you have a sandy, course, and thin result, have your device moved as closely as possible to the target surface. Reduce the pressure at this point. Next, you can pull the device to a higher level if the result changes into a thick one.
  • e. If there is leaking paint from the device nut, tighten it, but never let the needle became gripped. Evaluate the ventilation and lose the adjusting screw at the needle if there is no sprayed paint.
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