How to Spray Paint Wood

Wood is a nice material to work on if you’re into the craft of spray painting. If you have wooden pieces of furniture at home, a nice way to revive their former look would be to repaint them. The entire process is relatively easy and can be done by any focused do-it-yourself enthusiast. Here are some of the most basic steps to follow if you want to spray paint wood:

Remove hardware and fill chips or holes

When it comes to painting wooden furniture or walls, you may find certain hardware like metallic handles and locks. Remove these items to protect them from the paint. Be sure to patch chips and holes with wood filler as well. Use a putty knife to scrape away excess filler and allow everything to dry. Pay special attention to damaged parts of the wood since they should be masked or hidden after spray painting is done.

Sand the surface

It is now time to sand all surfaces of the wood. Sand them in circular motions to eliminate bumps and inconsistencies. Make sure to flatten the wood fillers you have applied earlier. Ideally, the old layer of paint has to be eliminated to make the new paint stick well. If this proves to be too time-consuming, aim for a smooth surface.

Apply primer and topcoat

Set up your spray gun so that you can apply the primer. If this is your first time to use a spray system, practice on scrap materials first in to get the hang of it. Before triggering the gun, start your sweeping hand movement already and maintain a distance of around 12 inches from the surface. The gun should always be perpendicular to the wood and must not be tilted or arched. Let the primer dry first before doing the entire procedure again for the topcoat.

Seal the paint job

To arrive at the best quality of paint outcomes, it is recommended that you seal the paint with a sealant or lacquer. This gives the wood a glossy finish and some form of protection from corrosion. Some sealants may contain color so plan in this aspect. After this layer has dried, you may now marvel at the beautiful look of your wooden piece.

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