How to Spray Paint Kitchen Cabinets

If you’ve been living in your house for quite some time, you may soon notice that your kitchen cabinets do not look as good they used to. You may think that it’s high time to replace them and have new ones installed. However, you can take things into your own hands. Instead of spending a considerable amount of money for new materials and carpenter fees, you can just try to repaint these fixtures yourself using a spray gun. Here are the steps involved to ensure the success of your do-it-yourself venture:

Wash the cabinets and protect adjoining surfaces

It is necessary to remove the cabinets entirely and to wash them with warm water and dish soap. You will need to unscrew them from their hinges and remove all pieces of hardware like metallic handles and locks. This step is necessary to remove all the grime that has accumulated over the years. Make sure that the wooden panels are completely dry before you proceed to the next step. You must also cover all adjoining surfaces like the countertop and some appliances with plastic sheets to protect them from catching paint.

Apply wood fillers and paint

It is now time to apply wood fillers on all cracked or broken areas. Once they are dried, sand these areas in circular motions to achieve a smooth and even surface. The first coat you will be applying is the primer since it is important for the new paint to adhere to the cabinet’s surface. Once the primer has fully set in, you may then spray paint the topcoat using proper gun handling techniques. Las, apply lacquer or sealant to the wood to give it a glossy look.

It is ideal to spray paint the cabinets outside the kitchen in a comfortable working area. Aim for uniform spray patterns and try to avoid gun “spitting” by not tilting or arcing the gun. Maintain a safe distance of around 12 inches while triggering the gun perpendicular to the surface being painted.

Install the newly painted cabinets

Try to paint the cabinet frames first with a paintbrush before putting back the newly painted panels in their place. Brushing the frames would prevent unwanted spread of atomized paint in the kitchen. By this time, you must have also re-attached or replaced pieces of hardware. Once you have successfully installed all parts, you may then wipe them with a dry cloth and marvel at the transformed look of your kitchen cabinets.

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