How to Remove Spray Paint

In rare instances where you will have to remove spray paint from any given surface, knowing what to do is important to prevent damage to underlying layers of paint. A classic example would be removing vandalized paint on your car. The situation may be frustrating, but you can employ some tricks to restore your car to its former look. Here are some steps to eliminate unwanted spray paint:

Apply soapy water and scrub the paint

Put some detergent in warm water and mix the solution until it lathers. If the paint is fresh, this may fully work to remove it. You can use a dish-soap or car washing solution to add more potency to the cleaning solution. You may then get a light scrub and apply this in rotating motions over the paint. Be careful not to damage the paint underneath if you only want to remove the superficial layer. For overhaul jobs, however, you can use coarser scrubs or even sandpaper to thoroughly peel off the spray paint.

Use nail polish remover or Meguiar’s clay

If using soapy water does not work, another alternative to consider is nail polish remover. Look for a non-acetone based polish remover and put a copious amount over a terrycloth towel. Rub the towel gently over the spray paint until it comes off. If this still does not work, you may also use Meguiar’s clay. Do this by mixing the clay with detailing spray and wax. Scrub this mixture lightly over the paint and see if it gets removed.

Seek for professional help

If all else will fail, you may call a professional to do the job for you. He or she may do the steps mentioned above or suggest that you repaint the entire surface. If you have enough resources, this may be the best choice since you can ensure that the outcome is expertly done.

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