How to Paint a Shirt with Spray Paint

Spray painting shirts are nothing new. A lot of people who wish to customize their clothes turn to spray paint to make shirt patterns and designs of their own. This is usually done on white shirts since colors come out more vibrantly with this base color. If you’ve meant to spray paint your shirt, regardless if it’s new or not, here are some steps that you can follow:

Plan your design first

You can start with the colors. Decide on what combination you’d like to have and how much color contrast you’d want to see. After that, you may cut out patterns on cardboard and use them as your stencils when spraying the shirt. Be creative; you can carve out the letters of your name, or you can go for elaborate patterns.

Iron the shirt and prepare the area

Ironing the shirt is integral for better paint distribution. Also, prepare the area where you’re painting to minimize the accidental spread of unwanted paint particles. Cover valuables with plastic sheets or drop cloths. Conversely, you may do the paint job outside the house as long as it’s not windy and the air isn’t too humid.

Protect the lower side of the shirt with cardboard

If the design you’ve come up with only involves spray painting one side of the shirt, make sure to place cardboard or any other opaque material in between the shirt’s front and back sides. The cardboard will absorb the wet paint and must only be taken out when the color has fully set.

Spray the shirt

You can now color the shirt. If you’re using aerosol spray bottles, shake them well before pushing the nozzle. Aim for even coverage and only stop once you’ve achieved your desired pattern — most of these commercial paints dry in less than 10 minutes. That will give you the flexibility to paint more areas of the shirt within a short time frame. Once all sections have dried, you may wash the shirt under “delicate” settings in the washing machine as a final step.

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