How to Paint a Rim with Spray Paint

A lot of people would want to repaint their rims to give their tires a new look. While this may seem like a job that is only fitting for car specialists, any do-it-yourself enthusiast can pull it off with the right preparation and guidance. Here are easy steps to follow if you would want to repaint your wheel rims:

Check the weather

Painting in the garage is an ideal place since it is shielded from environmental elements and falling particles that may settle on Wetpaint. But since adequate ventilation is needed, you may have to open the garage door to let oxygen in. The weather thus becomes an integral factor when it comes to this. Do not paint your rims if the temperature is not within the range of 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit or if there is too much humidity.

Do needed prep work

Make sure to pull your car brake before jacking up your car under the engine. One jackstand should be put under each tire suspension. Finally, you can now remove the tires and thoroughly clean the rims by rinsing them and scrubbing them with a sponge. Once they are dry, lightly polish them with sandpaper until a very smooth surface is achieved. Rinse and dry them again before you proceed with covering the tire with newspaper and masking tape.

Paint the rims

Now comes the most exciting part: painting the rims! Set up the spray paint system such as the air compressor and the gun. Apply the primer first and let it dry for 30 minutes. Once fully dried, apply two more layers of paint before applying the sealer to give the paint a glossy finish. Make sure to aim the gun perpendicularly from the surface being painted at a distance of about 12 inches. Once they are fully dried, you now have brand new looking wheels that you can reattach back to your car.

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