How to Paint a Car

Even if painting your car may seem like a tedious process, it is a very rewarding activity when done well. Imagine your decade-old car getting a facelift and coming out like it was just fresh from the factory. You can also choose a new color of your liking for you to give the car an altogether different look, especially when you replace some old parts with new ones. Painting a car involves four basic steps which are as follows:


Aside from securing the correct amount of paint plus the paint sprayer you’re using, make sure to buy your gear such as face masks, boots, and goggles among others. You may then proceed with paint-proofing the area by covering everything that you don’t want to catch paint. If you’re painting details such as the engine bay and trunk, you may have to disassemble your car to its shell. Otherwise, you can mask the areas you don’t want to be painted by covering them with masking tape or plastic sheets.


It is necessary for you to sand the entire car before applying new paint. Do this by sanding the car in circular motions until you’ve stripped the car to bare metal. This is very time consuming and it may take an hour or two for you to finish one panel. If you don’t have the luxury of time, just work on achieving a smooth, even surface.


Now that your car is ready for painting mix the ideal amount of thinner to your primer. You can consult the paint can for instructions. Get your air compressor ready, and start setting up your spray gun. Do some practice first on scrap metal for you to arrive at a good paint pattern. You may then proceed with the actual painting. Apply the primer in thin, even coats starting with the roofing until you’ve covered the entire car. Allow drying.


Lastly, you may then paint the entire car with the acrylic or enamel topcoat. Apply three to four coats until the entire car is covered with the color you’ve chosen. Be sure to eliminate overspray conditions and to protect the car from contaminants that may fall on the wet paint. Let this dry before repeating the steps with the finish or the clear-coat lacquer.

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