How to mix auto paint in spray gun

Everyone found that it is very easy to use spray paint for automotive, but it is only for people who know how to mix the content well. After having the paint, you can’t put the pain directly to the gun and have it sprayed. If you insist, you will get bad paint result because the paint will be left in the container and will not stick to the car surface.

  • a. Buy reducer and paint from a single producer. You can not buy them separately from different companies. It will trigger a chemical reaction and bring bad result after being sprayed
  • b. Take your metal paint and use a clean version of it to mix reducer and paint you have. Take a measuring cup and pour into it some paint and make sure that the cup is clean. Take your reducer and take the same amount with the paint then put it into the same cup.
  • c. Now, have the reducer poured together with the paint into the previous can. Stir them to create a balanced mix of liquids. You should usually wait 2 minutes for this.
  • d. Now, take a funnel and use it to flow the liquid into the device container from the can. Have the lid secured and you’re ready to use the mixture.
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