How to clean an electric spray gun

Having electric spray guns do not only mean fast and easy spraying performance, but also you should perform good and regular maintenance for the product. Any residue in the container can risk your future jobs by contaminating the next paint and discolors it. Even the performance will not as good as before if you left any debris in the tube or the filter. It is why you should properly maintain the device. Follow the product guidelines while assembling it before starting the maintenance.

  • a. Wear safety tools, such as mask and goggles to prevent any flying pain particles, inhaled paint, or irritation.
  • b. Make sure that you have emptied the spray gun from anything inside it. Unplug the device then trigger it down to loose pressure inside the device
  • c. Take the thinner and pour it into the container. Please read device instructions to know the exact type and amount of this thinner you should use
  • d. Use the thinner to clean the container well, then pour the thinner out
  • e. Take some thinner and put it to the container, then close it. Then, you should have the sprayer plugged back.
  • f. Now, have the sprayer run and make a bucket as your aim until the thinner inside the container and all remaining left paint gets out. Do this again if you found the container still dirty even after releasing the thinner.
  • Filter and Tube Cleaning
  • g. Take a screwdriver and use it to lose the container
  • h. Take the suction tube and have the filter removed
  • me. Take a brush and use it to scrub the tube to get any built up paint removed along with debris
  • j. Use soap and warm water to rinse the device filter. After that, put it back on the tube and then insert it again. Finally, tighten the container again.
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