How to Clean a Spray Gun

Cleaning your spray gun is a must to make it last for a longer time as well as maintain its peak performance. If you are using the gun regularly, you only need to do simple daily maintenance that doesn’t require much work. If you plan to keep the gun for an extended period, however, you must do thorough cleaning that involves disassembly and assembly of the gun. Here are the steps you have to take to do a thorough clean of your spray gun.

Initial cleanup of the paint cup

The first thing you will have to do is to remove the air pressure regulator. Once this is done, open the paint cup and try to do an initial clean with paper towels. You may then proceed with pouring paint thinner into the cup, closing the lid, and shaking the gun vigorously to dissolve hardened paint. Pull the trigger and let the fluid flow into a waste container. Repeat this step until the fluid byproduct turns clear.


The first thing to disassemble is the paint cup. Turn it counterclockwise until it fully comes off from the unit. Do the same with the fluid adjustment knob until you see the fluid needle. Take out the revealed spring and the needle while being careful not to bend any of them. Lastly, you may proceed by removing the air cap and fluid nozzle found at the front of the gun.

Rinsing with paint thinner

Once you have removed all the mentioned parts, you may rinse the body of the gun with paint thinner before wiping all surfaces with paper towels. Repeat the same step until everything is free from paint. You may use compressed air to dry crevices that may be difficult to wipe. As a basic rule, make sure that everything is dried out before assembly.

Assembly and storage

Now that your spray gun is completely clean begin assembly by putting back all the parts in reverse order. Start with the air nozzle until you get to the paint cup. Apply lubricants on moving parts then wipe off any excess oil with more paper towels. You may then store the spray gun in a dry place that is not exposed to extreme temperatures and water moisture.

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