How to choose a spray gun

When you need to finish furniture or more, a spray gun is a tool you should never forget. With various versions available in the market, choosing the best one becomes such a difficult task to do. Here are some tips before buying your spray gun.

  • a. First, find out how much spray you need. If you need a spray gun, for example, Sata Spray gun which can work efficiently and quicker, then you should choose the air-assisted airless type, but if you only need to do the home-scale task, you should choose HVLP model since it is cheaper
  • b. Consider other tools you may need for the work. If there is any compressor in your garage or devices which need a compressor, you may need to purchase a gun with HVLP compressor, but be sure that the compressor can work efficiently with enough psi. Check the device.
  • c. If you want to reduce the cost, try to use a system with an HVLP turbine. You can use up to 3 – 5 stage turbine which will provide six psi spray power
  • d. Choose cup type you need for the work where you will place the finish. There are three main types of cup: gravity, remote pressure, and pressurized siphon. Choose the second type if you need to complete the big task with a big cup in need or third type if you need to do the small task with HVLP turbine or even the first type if you have HVLP compressor and a just small task to.

Another thing you should prepare is the cost you spent to purchase the product. Have a research about the price before purchasing anything, to minimalize the risk.

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