HomeRight Power-Flo Pro 2800 Airless Paint Sprayer

HomeRight C800879 Power Flo Pro is one of the best Airless sprayer available in the market at its given price range. Undoubtedly, the product has been trendy among the DIY kind of people, completing major projects in no time.


The Home Right C800879 Power Flo Pro-gun is an airless type of sprayer that does not use air stream for the spray operation but still delivers quality work in big projects in very less amount of time. Some of the notable features of this airless paint sprayer are:

A pressure reading of 2800 PSI, making it ideal for jobs requiring a lot of time.

½ HP Motor that is strong and has been equipped with legs so that stability is maintained during the spray operation.

The delivery rating for the gun is 0.24 G or 0.908 Litre per minute.

It also includes a swivel that comes in handy for the spray gun

The inlet valve has been made of wear resistant and nonstick ceramic.

The Spray tip of the gun is measured to 515 with a reversible function which allows faster cleaning up in case of a clog.

A provision for color change to signify cup line is also present.


As the manufacturers claim, the gun can handle thick paint materials and can easily spray them without any hindrance. With a product priced at this range, this is an amazing feature as it sprays pancake batter thick like substance like water. Nevertheless, the reverse function in the tip always comes in handy as whenever there is a clog in the gun, it helps in cleaning up faster and the gun works great. The inlet valve is made of ceramic, and this has led to higher durability.


After using too much of thick paint, the gun tends to get jammed up and can no longer be used, as reported by a few consumers. The motor sometimes seems less powerful to handle thick paint, and also, the nuts get loosened up after using thick paints as the gun vibrates.

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